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We are elbformat

We live technology and we love people.
That is what our heart beats for.

Passionately digital. Firmly social. We combine the rapid digitalisation of our ever faster moving world with a warm, unconventional corporate culture to feel good. We live technology and we love people, that's what our heart beats for.

What sets us apart

For us, websites, portals and digital platforms are not a lifeless series of numbers and codes, but exactly our thing.

Our performance standards are high, and what we deliver works. This is also appreciated by our long-standing customers and partners. Team spirit, flexibility and freedom are our basis, because creativity and independent thinking need room to breathe. We like to create the space for this in order to give everything as an agile IT service provider, consultant and progressive employer - whether in a T-shirt or a suit. At the end of the day, it's always the best result that counts - and a good feeling about it.

The beginning

elbformat was founded in 2009 and started with a team of 4 employees. Today we are in our 12th year with 50 employees and are growing steadily. Both as a company and each employee individually - there is no standing still with us. But there is regular reflection, visualisation and simply doing. Let's do this!

We see our vision of a holistic understanding of work and life as our mission.


Delivering very good work and supporting our clients in the best possible way on their path to digitalisation is one thing that defines us. But that alone is not everything - we also want to represent added value for society. Our corporate culture makes it possible for our employees to give themselves and their loved ones a good life. Completely without burnout and fear breathing down their necks. This only works with mutual trust, loyalty and personal responsibility.

Agile way of working

When the world changes, every project must be able to react to it. That's why we work with agile methods.

This requires a very high degree of discipline, responsibility and mutual trust.